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The name Rugby 101 embodies education on the basics of the sport of rugby. The delivery of all Rugby 101 programmes is intended to be inspirational and fun filled. A pre-eminent idiosyncrasy of our organization is an approach based on innovation and bringing a fresh and new outlook on all aspects of the game. In addition, Rugby 101 strongly believes in a holistic approach to rugby success, the aim being to enhance the development of those who participate in our programmes to be complete and balanced individuals that can contribute significantly to the sport. Our experts conduct ongoing research and investigation of latest trends and techniques so as to impart progressive and novel information that will empower participants to have an impact in their sphere of involvement in the game of rugby .


To be recognised as a leading rugby institution that impacts positively on the game of rugby and propels the game towards higher standards.


To generate excellence in the game of rugby through innovative training to players, coaches and teams

Principles Guiding Rugby 101

RUGBY 101 managers and staff are guided by the following principles in management and in the delivery of the organisation's services:

1. Progressive and innovative thinking
We strive to inspire people to be a step-ahead through thinking as leaders rather than followers by thinking 'out-of-the-box' and applying these principals to their everyday lives.

2. Social capital development
We believe that a deliberate investment in the development of social capital constitutes the foundation for high calibre individuals within society

3. Development of individual potential
We believe in peoples' creativity and potential for the achievement and fulfilment of their life goals and aspirations within their own values - regardless of social status, gender and wealth. As such, we strive to catalyse the emergence of these qualities.

4. Experiential learning
We believe in the principles and processes of life-long learning based on the continuous analysis of experiences. Experiential learning capacitates individuals to cope with their ever-changing environments to be balanced and successful human beings.

5. Mutual understanding and social solidarity
We believe in the importance of fostering greater tolerance and respect amongst cultures and nations as a basis for authentic and equal partnerships and relationships in sport development.

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