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Rugby for Africa

It is our firm belief at RUGBY 101 that Africa is a sleeping giant with regards to rugby. Africans in general have a genetic predisposition to be athletic and should they be afforded adequate resources , African teams would have a significant impact on the game of rugby . Rugby For Africa is aimed at the development of coaching and administrative resources so as to add impetus to the raising of levels of play. We acknowledge that the African teams (except South Africa) do not enjoy the same luxury with regards to financial resources, but exposure to methods, approaches and practices utilized by the professional teams of the successful nations would improve the standard of rugby on the continent.

It is our contention that African rugby should be prominent on the international rugby landscape and certainly, more African teams should be participating at the world cup. As such, RUGBY 101 intends to facilitate the promotion and development of the game on the rest of the continent through the provision of technical, conditioning and administrative mentoring, advice and guidance, so as to raise the profile of rugby in African countries. It is anticipated that CAR and IRB will be party to activites in Rugby for Africa.

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