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Rugby For Life

Rugby for life is aimed at children in grades 3 to 12 and is held once a week at various venues. Its main objective is to impart valuable lessons learnt from the game of rugby that can be used in other spheres of life while at the same time providing a fun-filled introduction to the game through rugby skills development with a strong emphasis on safety, contact conditioning and core strength enhancement to ensure that young rugby players are adequately prepared to play the game.

A lot of the drills improve hand eye co-ordination as well as decision making skills. Other objectives include keeping kids gainfully engaged in sport and away from unhealthy and destructive activities. Most primary schools in South Africa (particularly the English schools) don’t play rugby (mainly because of a low number of male teachers) and as such, RUGBY 101 is playing a vital role by introducing the game in an entertaining but enriching manner, with the end result being a benefit to the high schools as the participants (and especially the grade 8 learners) would then have a significantly high level of skills when they play for their school.

Rugby For Life encourages the application of rugby principles in off the field activities like academic and professional careers. We at Rugby 101 are dedicated to nurturing young rugby players to be quality human beings and to gearing rugby players to be successful individuals. A weekly theme determined from our motivational "I WANNA WIN WAYS" (ways employed by individuals who want to win), is disseminated at Rugby 101 proceedings to introduce practical tools to enhance ones life, to assist one to become more effective in navigating life's obstacles and to ensure the fruition of ones goals and aspirations. Examples of I WANNA WIN WAYS include:

· ASK NOT - ask not what life/this year/your opponent etc has in store for you, but ask what you have in store for life/this year/your opponent etc.
· Mr M - the voice in your head that tells you negative statements that convinces you not to do the certain activities that might bring success. The "M" stands for mediocrity. We give you tools to deal with Mr M so as to avoid becoming a mediocre performer.
· OFGs - remove the word problems from your vocabulary and start looking at them as Opportunities For Growth.
· MENTAL TOUGHNESS - the ability to make the right decision no matter the circumstances.
· EMMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - gone are the days when IQ or intellectual intelligence was the prerequisite for success. Learn to intelligently manage your own as well as other peoples' emotions through mastering EQ.

I WANNA WIN WAYS are strongly advocated as the participants are mostly in their formative years.

Another exciting component of Rugby for Life is the innovative Play 2 Learn programme– a teaching programme comprised of a variety of games where participants learn maths, geography, music, and science and a number of other developmental arenas as prescribed by Child Development Experts. There are about 112 games that have been developed covering all aspects of cognitive, social, psychological and physical learning.

An Example of a P2L exercise:

Around the World pass the Ball
Kids pass the ball to each other whilst standing on  a floor sheet - with the map of South Africa on it.
Each child stands on a different Province. By passing the balls to different Provinces, they get to learn all the provinces.

The next level would be to play on a map of Africa, then it progresses to continents, countries, and then to the planets etc - until they have reached the highest level.

Each practice starts with Rugby 101’s stimulating energisers.

Practices will take place

  1. at Zoo Lake Sports Club on Saturday mornings from 08H30 to 10H00 commencing Saturday 21 February 2009
  2. at Sandton Sports Club on Friday afternoons from 15H00 to 17H00 commencing Friday 20 February 2009

There will be a pre-programme presentation where more information on the activities and a demonstration of a typical practice session will be conducted for aspiring participants, parents and school masters at Zoo lake Sports Club on Saturday 14 February at 09H00.

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