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Skill School

Skill School is aimed at teamers and coaches at all levels and focuses on the correct execution of skills. Skills include the following

· Unit Skills (Scrums. Line outs, Backline organisation, )
· Rucking and maulling,
· Defence - team and individual
· Individual skills - Passing, Running skills, Tackling,Taking the ball in contact,
· Mental skills,
· Vision and decision making Skills,
· Rugby intelligence (tactical appreciation, strategy decion making under pressure and option taking),
· Conditioning insights (speed and agility, correct and effective gym techniques, core stabilising and postural excersises, warm ups and stretching)

This programme is mostly beneficial in the pre season and varies from 1.5hr sessions to a 5 day clinic. RUGBY 101 endevours to utilise current and past provincial and/or international players to present some of the skill school material. This gives the opportunity for these players to

1. guage if they have the aptitude for coaching, (for future reference)
2. gain experience in coaching
3. (as role models and mentors) interact with young rugby players
4. give something back to the game by imparting some of their knowledge gain from playing at a high level.

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